What People are Saying About Flying with the Liberty Foundation

I had the opportunity to view the "Liberty Belle" up close and personal in Hillsboro, Oregon this past weekend. Below are links to the gallery and slideshow where the photos are taken. I would like to say thanks for the opportunity and for sharing this beautiful piece of history with my wife and I. — Mike Brewington

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I just wanted to let everyone there at the Liberty Foundation how grateful I am for the my flight on Sunday the 25th. I have dreamed of doing this for years, and never thought I'd ever come this far. I saved for just such an occasion and I could think of no-one better to fly with than you. I had visited the aircraft when it was no more than a mess on a shop floor in Florida and it was truly amazing to see it restored to such condition. — Gerad Allen Blume


We would just like to say a big thank you for making our trip to Tucson so brilliant. The highlight being our flight in the Liberty Belle that you helped organise for us. We wish you a very successful flying season and look forward to meeting you all again next year. — Alan Brooks and Gerry Green


I'm writing to say thank you for the opportunity that the Liberty Foundation is providing to the public! I found it to be a amazing experience!!!! I found it to be a amazing experience!!!! The crew, all of them from the Pilots to the reservation staff were the nicest around! Offering information, a smile and a true love for what they are doing, all of this combined made for a time I will never forget! I truly hold the highest respect for those of you that take the time, money and energy that a project like this demands, to allow you to share our American history with the masses, it is truly a shame that our Government doesn't realize the importance of a project like this and never wants to help fund any part of it, but it is people like you with the passion and love, and the need to educate that make this happen and my hats off to all of those involved. — Jeff Hooverman


There are not enough words to tell you how much that flight meant to me. Thank you for all that you and your organization do to preserve the memory of this most important part of history. — Steve Cook


This visit had a great deal of significance for me since it reminded me of my introduction to the B-17 at this same airport with my Dad, a WWII Veteran, many years ago. My Dad passed away a couple of years ago but would have been thrilled to see his grandson sitting in the Bombardier's station. — Rich Asetta


Thank you. It meant more to my grandfather than words can say, and I had the experience of a life time. — Jay Graham


I appreciate the work you are doing to preserve WWII aviation history. I am moved by all that your organization has done to keep our memories alive of what that generation sacrificed for us. Thank you! — Lee Porter


There is no way to accurately let you know what an awesome time we had today. We have some great pictures and video and they will be something that we treasure and enjoy for many, many years. Everyone that was working with you was exceptionally friendly and informative.

It was both exciting and emotional to see such a magnificent machine up close and to only imagine the stories that great plane could tell! Thank you for an unforgettable experience. — Charlie and Debi Mogab


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