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The Guardian Print by Nicolas Trudgian

Print size 32" x 22.5"

Unframed shipped rolled in tube

The German fighter pilot was taking a great risk. He had seen the faces of the wounded crewmen and decided tospare the damaged B-17 and more—to escort the plane out of Germany. I

If a civilian or soldier on the ground reported him, the fighter pilot would face a firing squad. In the eyes of his country during war, he was a traitor. But to the defenseless American crew, he was their guardian.

Now, they had hopes of reaching England again, thanks to the mysterious German ace who held his fire. One day, the crew would know his name—Franz Stigler. In 1990, they’d invite Franz to their bomb group reunion where they’d introduce their families to the man who gave them the greatest of gifts—the chance to live.




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