Final Cut Book by Scott A. Thompson

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This B-17 book begins where most others conclude. Here, told for the first time in detailed text and rare photos, is the story of the B-17's post-World War II use in roles never envisioned by its designers: air-sea rescue; airborne radar platforms; weather and photo reconnaissance; test beds for engines and electronic equipment; remote controlled drone targets, CIA duties, and other uses.
Final Cut Book by Scott A. Thompson
Those B-17s the military no longer needed are shown in the vast post-war scrapyards, awaiting the smelter or, for a lucky few, a civilian role. The civilian B-17"s starred in numerous motion pictures and television shows, carried cargo over the South American Andes, performed for years as air tankers fighting forest fires, sprayed crops, and finally, was memorialized for the war fought a half century ago. All the post-war roles performed by the B-17 are covered in both text and photos. The complete history of each of the individual surviving B-17s is told, illustrated with a wide variety of photos. Also included are eight appendices providing particular detail about serials, registration numbers, tanker numbers, and other little-known facts about the post-war B-17. Great for warbird enthusiasts, modelers, and anyone with an interest in the famous B-17. Complete or update your library today! 8.5"x11", 216 pages, over 310 photos with sixteen pages of new color. Published by Pictorial Histories.
Written by Scott A. Thompson

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